The ActorVan Team

We are committed to providing the best actor training in Vancouver. From the classes to special guest workshops, we work hard to provide a safe learning environment where actors are supported to risk and grow their acting skills. Our team are not only good at what they do but are also “solid people” that care about actors growth wherever they are in their careers.

Practice like you’ve never won. Perform like you’ve never lost.

Our Coaches

Marc Gaudet


Marc teaches the On-Camera Fundamentals class on Saturdays.

Stellina Rusich

Creative Director/Coach

Liz McLaughlin

Dialect Coach

Liz McLaughlin’s IMDB Profile

Kelly-Ruth Mercier

Actress | Producer | Director

Kelly-Ruth Mercier’s IMDB Profile

David Cubitt

Actor / Producer

David Cubitt’s IMDB Profile


Fay Seng

Special Events

Kathryn Robinson

Social Marketing

Lynn Whyte

Manager/Accent Reduction Coach

Lynn teaches the Accent Reduction class.

Petar Gatsby

Special Events

Contact The ActorVan Team


Phone: 604 805 3291

Our Workshop Presenters

Bim Narine

Casting Director

Bim Narine’s IMDB Profile

Howard Nemetz

Producer / Writer

Howard Nemetz’s IMDB Profile

Ann Forry

Casting Director

Ann Forry’s IMDB Profile

Kris Woz

Casting Director

Kris Woz’s IMDB Profile

Kara Eide

Casting Director

Kara Eide’s IMDB Profile

Mike Rohl


Mike Rohl’s IMDB Profile

Candice Elzinga

Casting Director

Candice Elzinga’s IMDB Profile

Judy Lee

Casting Director

Judy Lee’s IMDB Profile

Dale Genge

Voice/Speech Coach


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