The Emotional Toolbox with Fiona Hogan


WHEN: Thursdays starting September 12th  |  6pm – 10pm
WHERE: 2333 Ontario Street, Vancouver
FEES: $495 (GST Included) for 8 weeks.
PREREQUISITES FOR THIS CLASS ARE: Have some training, credits, & commitment to working hard.
CANCELLATION POLICY: There are no refunds for this class. Students are allowed to find replacements for the classes they miss.
VIDEO CLIPS: Students are required to bring a Standard SD Card to classes & workshops so they may review their work outside of class.

Having access to our emotional life allows us actors to play a broad range of characters. It’s what we do. Being able to open ourselves up to portray humanity is vital for playing truthful characters. It requires courage, honesty, and effort to access our authenticity. How else can we play another person if we don’t know ourselves. Fiona creates a safe place to explore, develop, and fine tune your emotional instrument.

Fiona Hogan – Fiona Hogan is a busy working actor with over 20 years of teaching experience. She studied directly under Ivana Chubbuck in Los Angeles and become her protege. After four years Ivana brought her up to Vancouver to run and teach at The Ivana Chubbuck studio which Fiona did for five years. Fiona has also taught at School Creative, VanArts, and On The Mic. She has run private classes for 10 years when she is not filming.

She attended Georgetown University in Washington DC where she studied Shakespeare at The Folger Shakespeare Theater and she attended the Eugene O’Neill Centre for the Arts and was a original member of The Actors Playground in LA. She has studied with Ivana Chubbuck, Larry Moss and Robert Monica. Fiona hails from NYC but became a proud Canadian citizen in 2006.

For students interested in taking two or more classes per week – Email us for the ActorVan Studios Bundle Discount: or call: 604 805 3291

12 Seats Left



Week 1: Monologues

Intro to Ivana Chubbuck Technique; importance of inner work and performance of monologues.

Week 2: Dramatic LOVE Scenes (not sexual)

Work with partner and get into substitution and triggers.

Week 3: Dramatic POWER Scenes

Work on substitution and Triggers and emotional diary, moment before.

Week 4: Dramatic SEX Scenes (with sexual undertones)

Learn emotional intimacy triggers

Week 5: Development

Each actor will be assigned a scene in one of the above areas that need to be develop. Work and perform with partner..

Week 6: Review

Substitution, Triggers, Emotional Diary, Moment Before, Inner object, etc; same scene to everyone and they fill in their inner work

Week 7: Assignment

Assignment of scene for filming.

Week 8: Film Final Scenes


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