Script to Set with Brent Stait


WHEN: Wednesdays starting September 11th  |  6pm – 10pm
WHERE: 2333 Ontario Street, Vancouver
FEES: $495 (GST Included) for 8 weeks.
PREREQUISITES FOR THIS CLASS ARE: Have some training, credits, & commitment to working hard.
CANCELLATION POLICY: There are no refunds for this class. Students are allowed to find replacements for the classes they miss.
VIDEO CLIPS: Students are required to bring a Standard SD Card to classes & workshops so they may review their work outside of class.

The Script to Set class is all encompassing acting class where the actor focus on acting tools that will allow them to be set ready. From breaking down the script to shooting angles, this 8 week course will prove to be invaluable for actors that are booking roles and on the cusp of becoming a working actor in Vancouver. Brent Stait is very passionate about teaching the craft and has 144 IMDB credits as proof of his understanding and knowledge of being a working actor. This class is a must for the actor wanting to make a leap forward in their career.

WHO: Brent Stait – Brent has been a professional actor for forty years. He has appeared in many T.V. episodes and films. Some of his favourites are Snow Piercer, Legends of Tomorrow, Andromeda, Tron, Mystery Alaska, The Virginian, Smallville, and Highlander. Brent also spent three years at Stratford Shakespearean Festival doing Shakespeare, Gogol, and Molier.
Brent has been a teacher for over Twenty years, starting out at Gastown Actors studio and working extensively with Van Arts. His main goal is to give the actor a good understanding of Objective and how to drive for something in a scene. How to find the “play” in the work.

11 Seats Left



Course Outline

Week One: Text Analysis

  • Break down a scene into units.
  • Find the meaning and objective of the scene.
  • What the scene is about and what the character wants in the scene.
  • Work the scene with your partner (no camera).

Week Two:

  • Use the text Analysis and scene from week one.
  • Shoot the scene in a master format.
  • The focus is on how to drive for an objective. “What do I want in the scene?

Week Three: New Scene

  • Text Analysis on the new scene, finding the Objective and incorporating “Actioning”
  • How to use a verb to help make choices towards your objective.
  • How to use ‘As ifs”.

Week Four:

  • Using the scene from week three- shoot in ‘Mediums shots’.
  • Reviewing various camera shots.
  • Reverse, close ups, marks and other set lingo.

Week Five: New Scene

  • Text analysis on the new scene.
  • Working with obstacles, physical, mental, spiritual, enviromental.
  • Introduction to substitution and state of being.

Week Six:

  • Shoot week five scenes in ‘close ups’.

Week Seven: New Scene.

  • Focusing on Objectives, subsitution and emotional ‘State of Being’.
  • Blocking.
  • Htting marks.
  • Emotional moment before.

Week Eight:

  • Incorporate everything we have learned so far and shoot scenes from week 7.
  • Focusing on Coverage shots.
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