Coaching & Self Taping


On camera acting coaching for auditions is vital in order to do your best when the audition door opens.

Getting some insight on how your come across and if you are fulfilling the requirements of the scene including bringing your uniqueness to the role is key to an audition success. We offer last minute audition bookings the night before or on the day. As well, we provide self tape services for agents or auditions.

It is important to get in touch with us as soon as you know that you need coaching or self tape services as it is first come first served.

Video Clips: Students are required to bring a Standard SD Card to classes & workshops so they may review their work outside of class.

Self Taping Services

  • Reader provided/coaching/editing for submission
  • Play back on monitor to review each take
  • All in one service for $70hr

Audition Coaching

Reader provided & play back on monitor to review each take

Ongoing Coaching

Ongoing coaching to work on specific challenges to your work. A great way to stay sharp in between auditions.


$70 for 60 minutes
$105 for 90 minutes

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Lynn Whyte

Manager/Accent Reduction Coach

Lynn teaches the Accent Reduction class.

Stellina Rusich

Creative Director/Coach

Hao Ting

Coach/Singing Teacher

Hao teaches the Voice and Song class.

Marc Gaudet


Marc teaches the On-Camera Fundamentals class on Saturdays.

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