with Hao Ting

Feb 14- Mar 7, 2019 (Every Thursday night for 4 weeks)
6-9 pm

WHERE: 750 Hamilton Street, Vancouver

PARTICIPANTS: Only 12 seats available

FOR: 19+

FEES: $195 (tax included)

CANCELLATION POLICY: Participants will not be able to make-up classes for this course


Haô Ting has performed in Musicals, Operetta, Opera and various Commissioned Works throughout Europe & Asia. He has performed in The Lion King in Paris and created the role of Basil Hallward in The Portrait of Dorian Gray. Haô made his opera debut as Tybalt in the Charles Gounod opera Romeo & Juliet in Hong Kong. He is also a recording artist contributing to various Musical, Jazz and Crossover albums.

His diverse career has motivated Hao to explore the voice from very different angles. For example, Haô is also a certified Yoga instructor and combines yoga in his voice and singing classes. He has been invited to share and teach his unique methods in workshops and seminars throughout Europe and Asia, and is often a member of jury panels for singing competitions.

Singing Training for the Actor!

Our voice is our own unique way to resonate with the external world. However, the voice is perhaps a forgotten part of ourselves that needs our attention. Whether you are in general conversation, working on your lines for a scene, preparing for an audition, or giving a public speech, tuning this instrument is crucial for optimal performance.

Developing a more powerful, confident voice requires craft and process. In this course the student will be introduced to practical techniques, and challenged to perform in a safe and motivating environment.

And yes, there will be song! This is a singing class, but with the actor in mind. Whether you have always wanted to sing, or you just need to find your actor’s voice, come and enjoy this unique journey and explore the fundamentals of the voice through a holistic, musical approach.

In this class you will

  • learn the fundamentals of the voice through alignment, breath, phonation, articulation, projection and resonance
  • find your own authentic sound, your true voice
  • learn tools to free the voice, sing effortlessly and more organically
  • understand the difference between tension and pressure
  • understand your instrument through movement and breath
  • participate in on-going Q&A for healthy singing

All levels are welcome!


February 14, 2019

Every Thursday for 4 weeks

6pm – 9pm





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