with Coach Stellina Rusich

Jan 5 – Feb 23, 2019 (Every Saturday for 8 weeks)
1:00pm – 5:00pm

WHERE: 750 Hamilton Street, Vancouver

PARTICIPANTS: Only 12 Seats available!

FOR: 19+

FEES: $495 (tax included).

CANCELLATION POLICY: Participants will not be allowed to make up classes for this class.

Hit the ground running in 2019!

It is imperative to be performing at your highest level when Pilot Season hits. Don’t wait until it’s too late to gear up and be your competitive best. Be training and ready to compete to book roles during this very challenging period.

Stellina is a powerhouse of a teacher demanding the best of her students in a supportive approach. As an on set coach, hired by producers for many shows, she has brought out the best in actors bridging the gap between actors, show runners and Directors.

These 8 weeks will demand hard work, and com-mitment. Outside class work will also be required. This session is by invitation only and approval is re-quired from Stellina. A group of 12 will push each other to excel from week 1.

All scenes will be from TV shows and films currently being shot in Vancouver. Actors may bring audition material as well. A new scene will be given each week. All videos from class will be loaded to a se-cured portal on www.actorvan.com for actors to download within 24hrs of the class.

Who this program is for:

  • Actors that are having some success and are wanting to bust through to the next level.
  • Actors that are looking to book larger roles.
  • Actors who would like to increase their booking ratio. Actors who may have left the business and would like to re-establish their careers and auditioning skills.
  • Actors that want to be seen as consistently doing great work by Casting Directors.

Prerequisites to apply:

  • a resume that reflects training and or bookings.
  • approval needed to register for this course.


I have worked with Stellina Rusich for many years.  When needing a coach to prep for an audition, she is my go to. Always insightful, with savvy script analysis, she is fantastic in finding the humour. Her background as a successful actor and busy on set coach immediately puts you at ease.
Credits include, J.Edgar, Nixon -with Leonard Dicaprio,Tin Star, Blue Blood,The Core, Along came a Spider, The Good Wife ‘V’, CSI, Kyle XY, NCIS, Curry Western, Instinct, Losing Lester, Life Or Something Like It.
Cristopher Shyer

In my opinion Stellina is one of, if not the best acting coaches you can find. Her wide experience with TV/Film, Sitcom and Theatre sets her apart from the rest. She has been instrumental in the success of my career over the past 10. I wouldn’t be where i am today without her. Thanks to her help I got my first Leo Award nomination as the lead in “The Christmas Calendar” and been recurring on the reboot series “Charmed”. Other roles Ive booked with her are: “A Twist of Christmas’, ‘The Good Doctor’, Supernatural, Smallville, Fringe, Continuum, IZombie, and ‘The 100’,
Brendon Zub

I had the pleasure of working with Stellina on set of the YTV and Netflix Original sitcom ‘Some Assembly Required’ for 3 seasons, 50+ episodes. Stellina was the professionally hired dialogue coach in Vancouver, BC, a unique position where she worked directly with myself, the actors, and the creators, writers, and producers of the series. Stellina was there for fantastic, experienced coaching and advice, always with the best interest in myself and the other series regulars and guest stars well-being on set, and performances. Stellina did her job with excellence, and I took notice how she can easily adapt her style to match each individual, and their needs. Working long days on set can sometimes become very stressful or tiring, and Stellina came in cheerful, ready to work, and ready to help above and beyond what was required. Stellina naturally became a friend to comfortably coach auditions with her vast understanding and knowledge for many character types in film, tv, and theatre.
Harrison Houde

Working with Stellina Rusich has by far been one of the highlights of my career. Stellina has a way of working with actors that is like no other. She simply understands you and everything that you may be going through personally and professionally. She helps and assists you in so many ways and she has definitely put me on the path to become the best actor I can be. I got to work with Stellina closely on the YTV/Netflix Series “Some Assembly Required” in which I played the series lead. I have been on Broadway with “The Lion King”, been in 3 productions at The Stratford Shakespeare Festival, and have been in various projects in television and film and I am confident in saying that I have never worked with somebody like Stellina. She truly is on your team. Not only is she an outstanding actress and acting coach, she is also one of the kindest and hardest working people I know. I owe a lot of my success to her and I am grateful for the time that we got to work together.
Kolton Stewart

Course Outline

Week 1: Pilots

Week 2: CW Shows

Week 3: MOW’s

Week 4: Audition class with professional guest.

Week 5: Hallmark, Lifetime

Week 6: Features, independent and big budget.

Week 7: Cast yourself & choose your own scene

Week 8: Performance class with Guests

By Invitation Only.

Interested actors need to send a headshot & resume when signing-up for the waitlist below

Sign up for the waitlist!



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